Section 12

State of Wisconsin MA Waiver Information

In this section you will find information regarding the State’s MA Waiver program, otherwise known as CIP in the developmental disabilities arena. Specifically, you will find a copy of the county’s cover letter that outlines what documents are needed for MA Waiver eligibility and a copy of the Individual Service Plan (ISP). If you have questions regarding MA Waiver Eligibility paperwork, please call (608) 242-6224.

In order to complete the Initial Eligibility and the Proposed Service Plan Documents, a Support Broker needs to become certified using the state’s Long-Term Care (LTC) Functional Screen software. Certification is done using an on-line course that can be found by clicking on this link and following the instructions:;id=20101.

When taking the on-line LTC Functional Screen certification course, please allow 4-6 hours in order to complete it.

Once you have become a Certified LTC Functional Screen user, then you can access the Functional Screen and utilize all of its features. A good place to start with the LTC Functional Screen is the home page, which can be found by clicking here:

On the LTC home page, you can find answers to commonly asked questions, access to the LTC Functional Screen, and instructions on using the LTC Functional Screen.

Remember, each year at recertification time a broker must complete a Long-Term Functional Screen for each waiver participant. When completing a new waiver application, a broker must also complete the assessment form associated with the Long-Term Functional Screen. The Assessment/Supplement is no longer automatically filled with the selections recorded on the LTC-FS. If needed, a revised, Microsoft Word form-fillable version of the Assessment/Supplement is available on the Functional Screen Homepage. To link directly to the revised Assessment/Supplement, go to:

Once a person receives funding through a Medicaid Waiver, the State conducts random reviews of participant’s written files as well as periodic site reviews where they meet with a person and their team. Brokers will receive advance notice of these reviews ranging from days to weeks.