Transportation Services in Dane County

Public transportation in Madison is the city bus system. The city bus service also provides ADA Para-transit services to qualified individuals. Para-transit rides pick people up at their homes and drop them off at their community destinations. For more information on Madison Metro bus service and para-transit services visit: Para-transit users who are on CIP are exempt from para-transit fares as waiver covers this cost. Please contact Doug Hunt, at (608) 242-6358 or e-mail to have this verified with Metro.

Medicaid Waiver can pay for specialized transportation if the ride is related to a covered waiver service such as vocational or day support. Some group rides are paid for by Dane County if the rides are to/from facility-based programs (MARC, Opportunities Inc., Pathways) or if the rider cannot safely use Madison Metro Para-Transit.

Companies that offer specialized transportation services under contract with the County include:

Capitol Express
(608) 661-7433
Care Van Service
(608) 437-8989
“Double D Tours”/Meister’s Special Care
(608) 240-0353
Transit Solutions, Inc.
(608) 294-8747
We Care Transportation
(608) 838-8589

Other transportation options outside the Madison Metro Para-transit service area include:

Monona Lift
Offers limited para-transit service within Monona. For more information contact (608) 845-8516.
Offers riders traveling in the same area on a daily basis the names of others wanting to share transportation. Program information can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website or by calling (262) 521-5454.
Stoughton Transit
Offers taxi service within Stoughton at low cost for persons with disabilities. For more information call (608) 873-7233.
Sun Prairie Taxi
Offers taxi services within Sun Prairie at low cost for persons with disabilities. For more information call (608) 837-5550.
Van Go Taxi
Offers taxi service within Waunakee and surrounding areas. For more information call (608) 849-7070.
YWCA Job Ride
Provides transportation to low-income people going to/from work and Employment related activities for a nominal fee. For more information call (608) 316-6888.

For more information on transportation options in Dane County for adults with developmental disabilities or to make a request for a contracted transportation service, please contact Doug Hunt, at (608) 242-6358 or e-mail .

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and Metro Para-Transit:

Guidelines for adults with Developmental Disabilities on the CIP (Community Integration Program) Waiver

The CIP Medicaid Waiver pays for services such as work and residential supports and specialized transportation. Individuals who are supported through CIP are also covered by Medicaid for their health-care.

The federal government makes the rules for the CIP Waiver and for Medicaid. One of those rules is that if you are going to a non-emergency medical appointment, you must use the transportation company that is paid to provide these medical related rides (MTM) and not use Metro para-transit. Of course, in a medical emergency, you should call 9-1-1.

Dane County Department of Human Services oversees the CIP Waiver and can be audited to check if we are following the rules. So, it is important to use MTM for rides to your medical appointments.

Suggestions for calling MTM to schedule rides:

  1. If you are calling to set up a ride yourself, you can call the general MTM number (866-907-1493). (Social workers and case managers who are calling MTM for MA rides on behalf of clients should not call the general MTM number. MTM states that they will get better and faster service if they call the MTM Facilities line at 866-907-1497.)
  2. Make your call at least two business days in advance of your appointment, unless your trip is urgent. If you call less than two business days before your appointment and the trip is not urgent, MTM might ask you to reschedule your appointment. (You may also schedule your appointment on-line at
  3. During your phone call, the MTM representative may ask you: “Do you have access to free transportation from your family or friends or through another local community program?” Even though you don’t pay a fare for Metro para-transit, the correct answer to this question would be “No” as Madison Metro para-transit rides are not free. The cost of the ride is shared by local government and the CIP Waiver.
  4. If you have a complaint about your service, call MTM’s “We Care” line at 866-436-0457 or file a complaint on-line at
  5. If your ride is late, contact MTM’s “Where’s My Ride” line at 866-907-1494.
  6. Please keep Jane Betzig, Dane County’s Transportation Coordinator, informed of your complaints regarding MTM’s services. Jane’s telephone number is 242-6489. Her e-mail is .