Section 1

Overview of the Philosophy and Values Underlying Self-Directed Services in Dane County

In , Dane County received a three-year pilot, self-determination grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. While the pilot has ended, the implementation of self-directed services continues in Dane County, with the intent to:

  • expand choices for people with developmental disabilities;
  • give people and their families control over the allocation of their service dollars.

Self-Directed Services aim to:

  • do no harm;
  • provide people the freedom to choose their brokers and services providers, as well as, the type of supports they purchase and how providers get paid;
  • have the bureaucratic system as invisible as possible to people with disabilities and their families;
  • keep the process simple;
  • have people and their families define and assess quality;
  • spend no more on services than the county would have under a contracted system.

This section of the Resource Manual provides an overview of the history and values that created and sustain self-directed services in Dane County.