Use of SDS Funds in “Other” Account

“Other” account:
Unspecified SDS funds used for occasional needs. Sometimes known as a medical account.


  1. The item or service is not reimbursable by MA.
  2. The vendor is paid directly; no reimbursement is made to the SDS participant.
  3. The item or service is necessary for the health and safety of the participant, without which the person would be at risk.
  4. The participant has no other resource for funding.

Some examples of possible expenses:

  • OTC items prescribed by a doctor or therapist.
  • Specialized equipment or clothing; for example: orthopedic shoes.
  • Co-pays exceeding $30/month and the participant does not have personal income beyond the standard personal allowance.
  • Non-medical transportation, when specialized transportation cannot be used.
  • Repair of adaptive equipment.
  • Lifeline (personal emergency response) services.


The Participant and the Support Broker must explore alternatives to SDS funding for the item or service.

To access Other SDS funds, the Support Broker must document:

  1. A description of the item or service.
  2. Why it is needed and how the item or service relates to the participant’s disability.
  3. The cost and frequency of purchase.
  4. How the requirements listed above are fulfilled.

The Support Broker will review the request with their Agency Director or Supervisor. If the Agency Director or Supervisor feels the request is a judicious use of SDS funds, the Support Broker will notify the assigned Dane County manager by e-mail of the request, including the required documentation listed above.

The county manager will send an approval or denial email to the Support Broker and others.

The Support Broker will need to complete funding paperwork relevant to the request, i.e., waiver paperwork changes or updates, SDS IFP, and payment method.