Residential Start-up Requests in SDS (Self-Directed Services)

Start-up funding is intended for persons moving into supported living arrangements from State centers, ICF-MRs, nursing homes, parental homes, or adult family homes, where the person had been a permanent resident.

Start-up funding is not intended for individuals currently receiving services in any residential living arrangement funded by Dane County or is temporarily residing in an institution or hospital. It is not intended for individuals who have received start-up funding in the past or for those who have access to other resources.

Start-up funding is considered funding of last resort and is to be used only when the person and/or agency have no other resources. Request only what is needed: it is not necessary to request the full amount or both types of start-up.

Personal Start-Up

This is used for essential items such as the first month’s rent, security deposit, basic furniture, linens, and kitchen items. The requested can be for any amount up to $1,500 per person. It is not the intent of this funding to be used for the purchase of “luxury” items, i.e., VCRs, stereos, TVs, etc.

Staff Start-Up

This is used by the residential agency to pay for direct staff time prior to the move. It is to cover time spent getting to know the person, training, pre-move visits, etc. The request can be for any amount up to $1,750 per person.

To request start-up funds, the Support Broker must contact the assigned county manager by e-mail. Support Brokers do not need to attend Friday Morning Meetings to request start-up funds. The e-mail needs to include the information below:

  • Personal Start-up funds: The County Manager will need to know the amount requested, what other funding resources were explored, and a list of items (and their costs) that will be purchased.
  • Staff Start-Up funds: The County Manager will need to know how much direct staff time and what activities are included in the request.

Once the request is approved, the start-up costs need to be listed on an Exceptional Expense Request (EER) and submitted to the assigned County Manager. If both Personal and Staff Start-up are requested, they should be listed separately on the EER.