When Equipment and Devices Do Not Function As Restraints [*]

Medical equipment and adaptive devices or mechanical supports are often used in a manner that does not meet the State’s definition of a restraint. Whenever individuals require medical equipment or adaptive devices, Brokers must ensure they are the least restrictive possible.

When medical equipment and adaptive devices do not function as restraints, brokers, in conjunction with a person’s team should:

  1. Determine that the medical equipment or adaptive device is safe, least restrictive and most appropriate for the individual. Teams should consult with the appropriate professionals such a physician, occupational or physical therapist as needed.
  2. Contact Eric Linn-Miller at 242-6447 or miller.eric@countyofdane.com to discuss using the County’s “Application for Thoughtful Limits/Right’s Restrictions” to develop a written protocol for use and monitoring of the medical equipment or adaptive device.
  3. Ensure everyone receives training in the application, maintenance and on-going monitoring of the medical equipment or adaptive device.
  4. Reassess the individual’s protocol at least annually to determine the continued appropriateness and need.

For more information contact:

Eric Linn-Miller
1202 Northport Drive, Madison WI 53704

[*] As defined in Wisconsin Guidelines and Requirements for Supporting People With Challenging Behaviors, .