Transportation Tips:

Metro Para-Transit [*]

“Door to Door” and “Leave Attended” Requests

Important Definitions:

“Curb-to-Curb” service:
is when the driver picks up the passenger at the curb of the origin and then drops off the passenger at the curb of the destination.
“Door-to-Door” service:
is when the driver assists the passenger from the first door encountered at the building to the vehicle. The driver may open the first door of the building.
“Leave Attended” service:
is when the driver assures that the passenger is met by a responsible party at the point of destination.

Important Tips:

Metro Para-Transit assumes “curb-to-curb” service unless rider specifically requests “door-to-door” and/or “leave attended”. Once requested, these will apply to all trips associated with that rider’s name and home address.

When setting up casual rides that are not part of the regular schedule, be sure to confirm with Metro the requirements of the rider such as “leave attended”.

Make requests for “door-to-door” and “leave attended” through Metro Customer Service (266-4466). Please note that the request will apply to all rides taken by the rider on Metro Para-Transit.

Remember that the likelihood of an error increases whenever routines change, for example when there is a new driver providing the ride or new residential staff at home. Be particularly vigilant during these times.