SDS Procedure: Sound Response

Once the Support Broker, consumer, guardian, Supported Living Provider and Sound Response team agree that someone is a good candidate for Sound Response, the Broker should do the following:

  1. Notify your County Manager with a CC: to Monica Bear of an individual’s desire to start Sound Response. A Broker must obtain manager approval before Sound Response can begin.
  2. Sound Response is a contracted service with an annual cost of approximately $4,000/yr. If a person cannot be supported by Sound Response within Sound Response’s existing capacity, a person must reduce their SDS rate to purchase this service. Your County Manager can let you know if a rate change is required.
  3. When a person begins using Sound Response, the Broker should update the person’s IFP. Sound Response appears as a contracted service on page 2 of the IFP. The program name is “Sound Response”. The agency name is “Responsive Solutions”. The SPC code is 112.46 (personal emergency response systems). If an SDS rate change has occurred, submit a new IFP immediately. If no rate change has occurred, submit the revised IFP at an individual’s next recert. Send the IFP to the e-mail address.
  4. When a rate change occurs the SDS accountant will revise the database to reflect individual’s new rate. Copies of the IFP will be routed to the appropriate parties.
  5. When an individual starts Sound Response, the Broker must always update the CIP ISP. Sound Response equipment is listed as a One-Time Adaptive Aids (SPC 112.99) purchase. The on-going Sound Response service is listed as Personal Response System (SPC 112.46).
  6. If a person’s support needs change to the point Sound Response is no longer appropriate or necessary, a broker should delete this service from the CIP ISP and IFP. Ending Sound Response will have no impact on a person’s SDS rate.

If a Supported Living Provider Agency has a short-term need to employ Sound Response during times a live-in support worker is unavailable due to a leave of absence, then the payment and arrangement of those supports will be handled directly between the provider agency and Sound Response through a sub-contract process.