Thoughtful Limits / Rights Restrictions Overview

The Thoughtful Limits / Rights Restrictions process is an approval process that happens at the county level.

Anytime a consumer’s team begins discussing strategies that could lead to implementing thoughtful limits or rights restrictions, the Support Broker should contact the consumer’s assigned Dane County Developmental Disability Program Manager to initiate the process for handling the review and approval of the thoughtful limits or right’s restrictions.

For general information purposes, thoughtful limits and rights restrictions do not rise to a restrictive measure threshold and can be thought of in terms of limiting access to specific people, places, things, and situations.

After discussing the proposed Thoughtful Limit / Rights Restriction, if the Developmental Disability Program Manager feels it rises to the level of thoughtful limit / rights restriction, the Support Broker will be required to submit an Application for Thoughtful Limits / Rights Restrictions. Please note that depending on the severity of the Thoughtful Limits/ Rights Restrictions request, it maybe be necessary to attend a Restrictive Measures meeting for a full committee review/approval.

Please note this Application can also be used to document non-restrictive measures that do not meet the definition of restraint as defined in Wisconsin Guidelines and Requirements for Supporting People With Challenging Behaviors, .