Procedure for Non-SDS Services

In unusual or exceptional situations an individual may have a Support Broker but no individual SDS rate. For lack of a better term the county refers to this as non-SDS services.

Criteria for Broker involvement for non-SDS services:

  • Consumer is eligible for DD Services through the Dane County Department of Human Services as determined by the DD Intake Unit.
  • Consumer currently has no services in place (other than Broker) or their services are under contract with the Dane County Department of Human Services. For example, an individual may live in an Adult Family Home and utilize contracted transportation and TIES services. As all of these services are paid under Dane County contract, the individual has no individual SDS rate.

Procedure for Broker involvement for non-SDS services:

  • Obtain approval from assigned county manager for Broker Services.
  • Support Broker will complete necessary paperwork (such as waiver recertification) per usual policy; however, no IFP and corresponding vouchers will need to be done, as there are no SDS funds that need to be disbursed.
  • SDS Coordinator will confirm consumer’s status for having a Broker, but not in SDS, by sending out a data form that represents this situation.
  • If the individual has Medicaid but is not on a waiver such as CIP or BIW, the Broker should be sure to bill MA Targeted Case Management.