MAPC Contact Sheet for Community Living Alliance

Supported Living Team

Name E-mail Phone
Barb Anderson, RNPersonal Care Coordinator 242-8335 ext. 3208
Abbie De La Porte, RNPersonal Care Coordinator 242-8335 ext. 3209
Janet Logan, RNPersonal Care Coordinator 242-8335 ext. 3213
Peggy Marklein, RNPersonal Care Coordinator 242-8335 ext. 3222
Sarah Riffle, RNPersonal Care Coordinator 242-8335 ext. 3222
Joy Scadden, RNLead RN (Contact for Training Requests, Training Verifications, Assigns Caseloads) 242-8335 ext. 3211
Tim WellensOperations Manager 242-8335 ext. 3221
Kate Coerper &ndash Intake (Contact for Referrals: e-mail or phone) 242-8335 ext. 3361
Administrative Assistant (Contact for new Daily Record of Care (DROC) sheets and other MAPC questions.)   242-8335 ext. 3226
Latina Benoy – Finance (Contacts for all Billing and DROC Questions) 242-8335 ext. 1120
Jenni Figy – Finance (Contacts for all Billing and DROC Questions) 242-8335 ext. 1168

Who to contact at CLA?

  1. New Referrals – contact Kate Coerper.
    1. When to Refer Form Attached.
  2. When you have a new Personal Care Worker working with a client in the MAPC program, send Training Verification Form to Joy Scadden.
    1. Form Attached.
    2. The PCW should not fill out a Daily Record of Care (DROC) until this form has been returned to your agency with the RN signature. We have a turnaround of 24-48 hrs.. This is Medicaid regulations that no hours are billed until the worker is “verified.”
  3. For clients who have RN-delegated tasks, send Community Living Alliance a Training Verification Request Form to the Personal Care Coordinator for Delegated Tasks, and please CC: Joy Scadden, as she tracks this information. Trainings typically occur Monday-Friday daytime hours within 7-10 days of request whenever possible.
    1. Form Attached.
    2. This works best when the agency is able to “group” PCWs to be verified by the PCC that they have been properly trained on delegated tasks.
    3. The PCW should not check any of a client’s RN-delegated tasks until the PCC has been there to verify training. If the above form has been filled out and returned, the PCW can begin billing MAPC hours for tasks that are not in the shaded area (shaded area = RN-delegated tasks).

Other Informational Items:

  1. MAPC requires Supervisory Visits every 50-60 days. The PCC has a 10-day window, so please return calls/e-mails as quickly as possible to schedule these visits. The PCC contacts the house manager or director (or home staff) based on the agency’s requested contact for these visits.
    1. MAPC requests that the PCC (nurse) observe tasks that involve health and safety. This can be disruptive to the clients and/or PCWs, but we will do our best to be unobtrusive.
    2. There are always situations due to significant behavioral issues that would require the PC to come at times other than when critical cares are being provided, but this should be the exception. We understand the issue of disrupting the morning routine, but to follow MAPC expectations, we must observe the cares on the client’s Care Plan, which are often completed during the morning tasks.
  2. Assessment Visits (Personal Care Screening Tool or PCST) are completed annually.
    1. Please have the staff person who knows the client the best to attend this visit, or be available by telephone to help answer assessment questions.
  3. Daily Record of Care (DROC) and Nurse Plan of Care
    1. After each assessment or new intake, CLA will email the agency a Daily Record of Care (DROC) for that specific client.
    2. CLA will also email the NPOC (Nurse Plan of Care) which outlines the tasks on the DROC.
    3. The PCWs should know the Plan of Care and all the tasks that are listed. At times, CLA sees that the DROCs are not capturing all the checkmarks possible for cares provided.
    4. These DROCs must be signed by the PCW, checkmark all tasks provided (one checkmark per each task provided), must be completed daily, and tasks must be provided in the home (MAPC regulations) unless accompanying to an MD appointment.
    5. Mail or drop off DROCs to our office between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, by the 10th of each month. You can also drop off forms in our green drop-box in front of the building 24-hours/day.
    6. You are welcome (and encouraged) to send DROCs weekly to CLA if that works better for your agency.
  4. What communication do we need from you?
    1. Address and telephone number changes – did the client move?
    2. Changes in agency staff – House Manager; Director; Residential Coordinator; etc. – contact name, phone number and e-mail address.
    3. Support broker/case manager changes – including any new e-mails or telephone numbers.
    4. Agency change – if the client changes to another provider.
  5. Nursing Home, Hospitalizations and Hospice
    1. We need this information as soon as it occurs. This is critical for MAPC billing purposes and documentation. A client’s MAPC billing can be affected by this information.
    2. Also let the PCC know about upcoming vacations and camp. This is for CLA’s Billing Department.
    3. Please remind PCWs that they can only fill out DROCs for personal cares provided to the client in the client’s primary home. (CLA has seen PCWs document on DROCs when the client is in the hospital because they were providing support to the client at that location. Medicaid will consider this fraud.)
  6. Seizure Protocol
    1. For all clients with a diagnosis of a Seizure Disorder, CLA needs an individualized seizure protocol/plan on file for them.
    2. If you need assistance in creating this plan, please talk to your PCC (nurse).
  7. What about the Community Nursing services or “WIN”?
    1. All skilled nursing services will be referred to the Waisman Center’s “WIN” (Wellness Inclusion Nursing) program. Please contact Marcia Stickel for any questions.
      1. Contact Information: (608) 890-2843 or .
  8. How are we doing?
    1. Any suggestions on what CLA can do to improve are very welcome. Please contact Tim Wellens, Operations Manager of Personal Care Department, at 242-8335 ext. 3221 or e-mail at to provide any feedback. Thank you!