Indicators for Need for Personal Care Services

Form To Be Completed By Consumer’s Case Manager

Consider the Need for Initiating or Increasing Personal Care Services When:

  1. Consumer has a significant change in health status that includes changes in physical, emotional, and behavioral status and will last 6 months or longer.
  2. The Consumer’s support system that usually provides personal care is unable to continue this support.
  3. A Consumer returns home after an inpatient hospitalization or nursing home placement and is in need of additional personal care services.

The following items are indicators of the need to initiate, maintain or increase personal care services for a Consumer:

  • Check each personal care task and the number of times per day your Consumer needs this service. (Please Note: cueing of a Consumer or constant supervision does not count as personal care assistance and is not reimbursable. The individual must receive hands on care in order to qualify for MAPC).

If your Consumer requires assistance in Personal Care tasks daily and Housekeeping tasks weekly, they may qualify for MAPC. Call Community Living Alliance’s Intake Coordinator who can ask questions to help determine if the individual’s needs may come to at least one hour per day. The nursing assessment (Personal Care Screening Tool) completed by the Registered Nurse and entered into a state website will ultimately determine the exact number of authorized “units” or hours per day for MAPC.