Handling Vacancy Rates Due to Death, Long-Term Institutional Placement or Other County-Authorized Situations

When a consumer permanently leaves a household due to death, long-term institutional placement or other county-authorized reason (such as roommate incompatibility is creating safety concerns), then the Support Broker for the person who is remaining in the home is responsible for completing an EER if needed. They should ask the provider agency if they require a vacancy rate.

If the provider agency requires a vacancy rate, the County will authorize a three-month EER. The Broker will complete an EER. The maximum amount of the EER will be 65% of the former roommate’s residential budget. If the provider agency requests a vacancy rate larger than 65%, then the Broker will need to attend a Friday Morning Meeting. If a roommate match is not found within three months, the Broker will need to attend a Friday Morning Meeting to request an extension of the EER.

It is challenging to budget for and fund vacancy rates if several months go by and there has been no EER granted to the provider agency. In other words, retroactive EERs for vacancy rates are not a preferred way of doing business. So please be in contact with the provider agency and County Manager as soon as it becomes apparent that a consumer who has left the home for one of the above reasons will be gone indefinitely or for longer than four weeks.