Guidelines for Referrals to Central Wisconsin Center

There are three programs at Central Wisconsin Center that can be utilized for short-term assessment/evaluation.

  1. MSTCU (Medical Short-term Care Unit): This program accepts people who are intellectually disabled and have high medical and/or physical care needs. Individuals referred to the program may live in their family home, foster care, an adult family home or Community Based Residential Facility. The length of stay ranges from 1 week to 3 months depending upon the individual’s identified needs. Multi disciplinary assessments and treatment is available by the following disciplines: medical, nursing, dental, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language, nutrition, education, psychology, psychiatry, rehabilitative technology and vocational services. Post-operative care is also provided. Recommendations often include equipment adjustments and suggestions, nutritional advice, positioning, therapy needs, and specific medical and health ideas. Private insurance or Medicaid pays for this program.
  2. DEC (Development Evaluation Clinic): This program provides evaluations to children and adults with intellectual disabilities and coexisting mild emotional/behavioral problems. Assessments are also available for older adults who appear to be struggling with dementia and related conditions. Stays are 5 days and are paid for through private insurance or Medicaid.
  3. STAP (Short-Term Assessment Program): This unit is geared towards people with intellectual disabilities and severe behavior challenges. To use this unit, brokers must complete the STAP Referral Form. The STAP Unit can provide suggestions regarding challenging behavior and medications as well as the medical and health-related recommendations. They are able to do some medical procedures at CWC, but most cannot be done there. Dane County pays for stays on the STAP Unit. Stays are usually 30 days. This is a very costly service and is used selectively, teams should explore community options for health/medical concerns.

Dane County must approve all stays at Central Wisconsin Center. It is expected that community resources will have been exhausted before making a referral to CWC, and that CWC is not to be used as a replacement for available services, such as respite, health care or psychiatry.

For MSTCU and DEC referrals, first call CWC and talk with the social worker about the suitability of the referral. Then contact the person’s county manager and the Adult Intake Unit, 242-6440. For stays at STAP, discuss the reasons for referral with your county manager. Send the STAP Referral Form to Angela Radloff, who with other County Managers, will be make the final decision about whether the stay will be authorized. County personnel must sign an admission form before someone is admitted, so notify us as soon as possible of an expected admission. Be aware that a person’s guardian must also agree to the admission. Recently, many adults and some children that we have referred to STAP have been deflected to either Northern or Southern Wisconsin Centers due to lack of openings at CWC, concern with the mix of residents on the unit, or because NWC and SWC use 90 days as their standard treatment time, not 30 days like CWC. You should proceed with referrals to CWC if you feel that is the best alternative. If there is an issue with admission to the CWC STAP Unit, you can call your county manager for further direction.

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