Ending Support Services/Giving Notice to Provider Agencies

Based on circumstance and consumers’ wishes, Support Brokers must occasionally notify agencies that a consumer no longer desires or requires their services. Brokers should assist and encourage consumers and their families to participate in this notification to the degree they are interested and willing.

Prior to ending support services, a Broker should encourage clear communication among team members. When appropriate, the Broker should help problem solve and mediate or seek the assistance of someone who can. Prior to services ending, agencies should understand what concerns an individual has and be offered an opportunity to rectify these concerns. Whenever possible all parties should work to develop a transition plan with mutually agreed upon service start and end dates. The transition plan should ensure a transfer of current and historic information, behavior support plans, medical information, et al.

Notice to terminate services should occur verbally and be followed up by a written notice. Once an agency is notified, the Broker should inform the County Manager as well as contact Fiscal Assistance to cancel vouchers. All changes in support providers and support models must be cost neutral for the DD system unless pre-approved at a Friday morning meeting or by the County Manager.

30-Day Notice for Good Reason

Either party can cancel a support and services agreement/voucher if support provided fails to ensure person’s health and safety or the heath and safety of others.

Additional reasons for a 30-day notice might include:

  • Provider fails to live-up written expectations outlined by person and/or their guardian.
  • Person moves outside of Dane County.
  • Person no longer eligible for community supports because of long-term nursing home or institutional placement.

90-Day Notice

Either party can terminate services with 90-day notice for any reason. People may have financial obligations such as a lease that extend beyond the 90-day notice. All efforts should occur to ensure a smooth transfer of current and historic information, behavior support plans, medical information, etc.

Appealing Notice to Terminate Services:

  • Teams should make every effort to develop a mutually agreeable plan to terminate services.
  • If needed, a Support Broker should seek assistance from their Broker Director in developing this plan.
  • If teams cannot develop a mutually agreeable plan to terminate services, providers or Brokers can appeal to the County Manager for review. Appeals will be reviewed at weekly Dane County Manager Meetings.