Dane County Complaint/Grievance Policy

Medical Assistance Personal Care Program


All consumers receiving Medical Assistance Personal Care (MAPC) through Dane County have the right to submit a complaint or grievance regarding their personal care services.

Dane County does not allow any retribution against the consumer who makes a compliant/grievance.

The consumer/family/guardian has the option to skip Steps 1, 2 and 3 below and file a formal grievance with the State of Wisconsin’s Division of Quality Assurance within 14 days of the incident.


To provide an avenue for MAPC consumers to file complaints/grievances in a timely manner.


Informal complaint/grievance:
A concern, issue, difficulty or disagreement that can be resolved at the Provider agency level when the consumer, family or guardian does not want it reported to the State. This type of complaint/grievance is usually something simple, such as a personality conflict with a Personal Care Worker (PCW).
Formal complaint/grievance:
The consumer/family/guardian also has a right to submit a formal concern, issue, difficulty or disagreement to the Provider agency, Dane County or the State of Wisconsin.
  1. Informal complaints are generally submitted to the agency providing the MAPC services. We encourage the consumer/family/guardian to work on the resolution with the provider, especially if it concerns a particular PCW or care provided, as that agency will have the most knowledge of the circumstances. A resolution of the complaint is expected to be completed within 5 days of the incident.
  2. For Formal complaints the consumer/family/guardian is expected to submit the grievance to the Provider agency within 5 days of the incident to assure issues are addressed in a timely manner. The Provider and consumer/family/guardian must resolve the issue within 5 days after the complaint is received.[**]
  3. If the consumer/family/guardian is not satisfied with the decision made by the Provider agency, a formal complaint can be made to Dane County’s program managers, Doug Hunt or Theresa Sanders. The complaint must be submitted within 5 days of the decision made by the Provider agency. The County’s program managers will investigate the facts of the dispute and make a decision within 14 working days of Step 3.
    The contact information for Dane County Department of Human Services:
    Beth Freeman, (608) 242-6448 (Physical Disabilities or Elderly)
    Doug Hunt, (608) 242-6358 (Developmental Disabilities)


    The contact information for the State of Wisconsin:
    Wisconsin Department of Health Services
    Division of Quality Assurance
    1-888-701-1251 (TTY Phone Number)