SDS Procedure

County-Directed Services

Criteria for County-Directed Services:

  • Consumer has volatile health or behavior issues which result in frequent changes in level of support, making it difficult to determine a funding rate.
  • Consumer is their own guardian and has a support plan involving restrictive measures.
  • Legal representative has a history of poor judgment which threatens a person’s safety and protection.
  • Legal representative is unavailable or uninterested in plan development or in directing service dollars.
  • Consumers pay family members or guardians directly for providing direct care support.

Procedure for County-Directed Services:

  • Obtain approval from assigned County Manager for County-Directed Services.
  • Intake sets a rate but no rate letter is generated.
  • SDS Coordinator records rate on the Self-Directed Support Data Sheet and copies are distributed to appropriate parties.
  • Support Broker will complete an IFP and corresponding vouchers. The Broker will use the County-Directed SDS form.
  • Completed IFP will follow normal routing procedures; however the consumer and guardian in County-Directed SDS will not receive copies.
  • SDS Coordinator will confirm consumer’s status in County-Directed Services (see example letter).