Acknowledgment re: Health/Disability Related Information and Specialized Transit Services

Individuals receiving MA Waiver services may be eligible for Specialized Transit Services. This service offers transportation to individuals with disabilities who are not able to access the mainline bus system or other transportation systems available to the general population.

I acknowledge that, in coordinating this service for MA Waiver service recipients, Dane County Human Services may release the names of individuals and health/disability related information to providers of Specialized Transit Services that will facilitate billing and the provision of safe, reliable transportation. This includes the City of Madison, private cab companies, specialized transportation providers, etc.

I acknowledge that these providers of Specialized Transit Services are not HIPAA-compliant programs/agencies. While discretion is used by dispatchers, when necessary, information related to health or disability may be broadcast by dispatchers to drivers in a way that does not protect confidential health information such as ambulation, health conditions, behavioral concerns, etc. for the sole purpose of transportation coordination.