Accessing Co-Employment and Employer Agent Services

Self-Directed Services enables individuals to hire support providers of their choosing. Individuals may contract with a traditional provider agency or hire friends, family members, neighbors and people outside the typical developmental disability provider network. Individuals interested in purchasing support outside of a provider agency may choose either co-employment or an employment agent to pay workers.

Hiring workers directly provides individuals with more control over the assistance they receive. It also comes with the added responsibility of scheduling, training and over-seeing the timecards of paid workers. When workers quit, individuals must find their own back-up and replacement staff. Co-employment and employer agents fill an important niche for some individuals directing their own services. Some people enjoy the increased choice and control while others find the extra responsibilities burdensome. Individuals should carefully weigh the pros and cons of using a provider agency, co-employment or an employer agent before deciding which option will best meet their needs.

Co-Employment – Goodwill Industries

Goodwill’s Co-Employment Services are designed to provide persons with disabilities, the option to locate, hire, train and supervise their own support workers. For a set administration fee, Goodwill serves as the employer of record. They handle employee payroll, provide workers compensation and unemployment insurance as well as provide mandated trainings. People using Goodwill Co-Employment may purchase additional services such as health and dental benefits for their workers or help recruiting and interviewing staff. If you are interested in learning more about Goodwill’s Co-Employment Program, please contact Bonny Lyons at (608) 246-3140 ext. 153.

Employer Agent – Fiscal Assistance of Dane County

An employer agent program offers an option for people with disabilities to employ the caregivers they prefer without the worries of processing the related paperwork. Fiscal Assistance of Dane County (FA) offers this service to consumers who wish to hire individuals to provide supports or services in their homes or in the community. The FA Employer Agent program will provide payroll services including preparing and disbursing payroll checks, processing employment related documents, withholding and filing employment taxes, bill payments, obtaining workers compensation insurance and administration, and record keeping. If you are interested in learning more about FA’s Employer Agent program, please contact Fiscal Assistance at (608) 846-3412.