Fiscal Assistance, Inc.
Carol Richards, Executive Director
124 W. Holum Street, DeForest WI 53532


FA offers several administrative and accounting functions to help people with disabilities live in the community.

  • Administration of Medicaid Waiver funding to support adults with developmental disabilities living within the community.
  • Act as a Representative Payee managing Social Security benefits for individuals who cannot manage on their own.
  • Act as an Employer Agent within Section 3504 of the Internal Revenue Code to provide payroll services to people with disabilities who wish to hire and direct their own support staff.

Our unique approach is ensuring compliance with all applicable rules and regulations related to the funds that we manage for people with disabilities combined with maximizing flexibility within the process. It is our passion to recognize that we are affecting people’s lives and livelihoods so we do our best to tailor our services to the uniqueness that is inherent to each individual.

Mission Statement

The mission of Fiscal Assistance, Inc. is to integrate fiscal tools with community living resources to empower people of all ages across all types of disabilities to reach their potential.

History & Background

Fiscal Assistance, Inc. incorporated as a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation in . Today, Fiscal Assistance provides SDS fiscal management to over 1,200 participants. Along with SDS fiscal management services, we have branched out into other administrative areas. We provide Social Security representative payee services to over 700 people. FA also acts as Employer Agent for individuals that choose to employee staff in their home. We serve as Employer Agent to over 700 consumer-employers.

Areas of Expertise

Our area of expertise is the ability to provide detailed accounting information both on a summary level and the consumer level. It is a challenge to keep up with an ever-changing human service system and to tweak standard accounting software to meet the needs of the people and the system.

Fiscal Assistance Private Rep Payee Program

What happens with the consumer’s funds when Fiscal Assistance acts as rep payee?

  • Social Security monthly benefits are directly deposited into an account for FA’s rep payee clients.
  • Monthly bills are mailed directly to Fiscal Assistance. FA sends payments for rep payee bills out weekly. The consumer has peace of mind, knowing that the bills are paid on time.
  • A regular spending allowance is sent out, based on the consumer’s needs and budget.
  • A statement is sent out at the end of each month to the client, showing the amount of the monthly benefit received, which bills were paid, how much was paid, and what the current account balance is.
  • FA completes all reports required by the Social Security Administration to account for how the funds were spent.

Advantages of having Fiscal Assistance as Representative Payee:

  • FA has an established line of communication with the local Social Security office.
  • FA can represent consumers in meetings with utility companies to ensure that they receive all the aid for which they qualify.
  • FA tracks account balances for SSI beneficiaries to ensure that the balance does not exceed the $2,000 limit. FA recommends acceptable personal needs expenses to maintain the consumer’s balance below $2,000.
  • FA provides written contracts, outlining the terms of the Representative Payee relationship and the monthly cost of our services. (Clients are billed a nominal monthly amount, as determined by the Social Security Administration.)
  • FA is audited annually by an independent CPA firm to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting procedures.
  • FA maintains a $6 million fidelity bond for client protection.
  • FA may be able to assist with tax returns, depending on circumstances.