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610 Diagnosis Codes (commonly used)

Developmental Disabilities – Diagnoses

Code Name
295.00 Schizophrenic Disorder
299.00 Infantile Autism
300.00 Anxiety Disorder NOS
310.90 Non-Psychotic Disorder Due Organic Brain Damage
315.90 Unspecified Delay In Development
315.02 Dyslexia
317.00 Intellectual Disability – Mild (IQ 50-70)
318.00 Intellectual Disability – Moderate (IQ 35-49)
318.20 Intellectual Disability – Profound (IQ under 20)
319.00 Intellectual Disability – Unspecified
343.00 Cerebral Palsy
345.00 Epilepsy
799.90 Other Unknown and Unspecified Cause
854.00 Intracranial Injury (Brain Trauma) D.D.

Above is a list of commonly used diagnosis codes for completing Dane County’s 610 or Monthly Client Services Report.

The 610 or Monthly Client Services Report along with the accompanying instructions are online on the County’s website and can be found here:

Remember, each client on your caseload must have at least .25 billable hours per month (assuming they are residing in a billable locale). Only record on your 610 form, units provided in a CIP billable setting. If you include units on your 610 that aren’t provided in a CIP billable setting, i.e., hospital, nursing home, ICF-MR, or jail then you are actually decreasing your agency’s overall unit rate.

If you have specific questions regarding the report or instructions, please contact your agency’s contract manager.