Intake/Referral Process for Adult Family Homes

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Broker contacts Intake staff to discuss the possibility of an individual moving into an AFH. Intake staff schedules the Broker for an Intake meeting.
Broker attends Intake meeting describes the situation and why an AFH would be in the person’s best interests. Intake and other Dane County staff discuss current capacity in the AFH program, other system needs, and if the individual described would benefit from living in an AFH.
Broker is given an OK to pursue an AFH for the individual and is told to contact the AFH Coordinator at Create Ability (CAI). Intake staff send a referral email to CAI, indicating the individual’s name, the Broker, possible timeline for AFH services. The Community Services Consultant (Maya Fairchild) and Residential Program Specialist (Sue Werner) are copied in on the email.
Broker familiarizes CAI with the individual. CAI identifies an AFH Provider and completes the Rate Assessment with those who know the individual. Sue and Maya are kept updated on the progress of the referral by CAI and/or the Broker.
  CAI sends the Rate Assessment to Sue. An e-mail is sent by Sue approving the rate and verifying the start date. Fiscal Assistance, Inc., CAI, Broker, and Maya are copied in on the e-mail.
  CAI contacts Fiscal Assistance with AFH Provider and consumer information. CAI writes an AFH Agreement and sends this to the AFH Provider for signatures.
Broker receives the AFH Agreement from CAI (after AFH Provider signature) signs then has the Consumer and Guardian sign. This is returned to CAI. CAI sends copies of the AFH Agreement to all parties once all signatures are received.