Documentation needed for SDS Meetings

When a consumer’s needs and/or supports are changing due to any number of factors, Support Brokers are encouraged to attend a Friday morning SDS meeting to discuss the situation with the staff of the Dane County Adult Community Services – Developmental Disabilities Unit.

Beginning October 2011, Support Brokers will be required to submit the Reassessment of Individual Support Needs form to communicate the nature of their SDS request. This form should be emailed to the SDS Coordinator after a Support Broker schedules to attend a SDS meeting and must be submitted no later than the Friday prior to the scheduled SDS meeting (i.e., if scheduled to attend SDS on 10/7/2011, the reassessment form needs to be emailed by 9/30/2011; if scheduled to attend SDS on 10/21/11, the reassessment form needs to be emailed by 10/14/11, etc.) Failure to do this could result in having the SDS appearance canceled or postponed until the form has been submitted in a completed fashion.

It is our hope that by consistent use of the reassessment form and having the information submitted at least a week prior to the SDS presentation that:

  • It will allow County Managers ample time to review reassessment info prior to the SDS meeting.
  • If necessary, it will allow time for County staff to provide the Support Broker feedback about their SDS request prior to the SDS meeting (i.e., suggested follow-up for the Broker to complete prior to attending SDS).

We understand the reassessment form is not the most friendly form and for the past several years, we’ve allowed a variety of different formats to be used to review SDS requests on Friday mornings. However, this form is the most comprehensive and covers all the variables, along with the legalities outlined by Disability Rights WI, that we need to ask about and track.

Please be sure to update your records so that you are using the current reassessment form.