Applying for High School Transition Services for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Dane County

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Age 18 or older
  2. Resident of Dane County—“physical presence with intent to remain.”
  3. Documented Developmental Disability(s) which includes:
    1. Intellectual Disability (this does not include learning disabilities, ADHD, or mental illnesses)
    2. Cerebral Palsy
    3. Epilepsy
    4. Autism
    5. Brain Injury
    6. Prader-Willi Syndrome
    7. Other neurological condition “closely related to an intellectual disability or requiring treatment similar to that required for people with intellectual disabilities.”
  4. Disability is a “substantial handicap” to the person in his or her daily functioning. This is determined by an assessment of the person’s functional abilities.
Referral Process:
  1. Telephone call to the Aging and Disability Resource Center – High School Transition Helpline at (608) 240-7476 or e-mail to .
  2. Completion of Request for Services and release of information forms. Forward the completed forms to Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) – High School Transition Team.
  3. Additional information may be requested from the person, his or her family and/or guardian or other service providers.
  4. An interview with the person, family or others to clarify written information and answer questions about services.
  5. The person and/or the guardian will be notified of the eligibility decision and, if eligible, the person’s name will be placed on the appropriate waiting list.