Section 2

Overview of Dane County’s DD System

Self Directed Services (SDS) is the support model of the Dane County Human Services Developmental Disabilities system. The model was founded with the values of self-determination and its goal is to increase choice for people with developmental disabilities. Once an individual is approved to receive services, an individualized rate is calculated based upon the person’s assessed needs. The person or consumer then chooses and hires a Support Broker/Service Coordinator who functions as an advocate and partners with the consumer of services to assist them and their team in developing a person-centered support plan and outcomes that identify needed supports and personal goals. This support plan also shows how the individual plans to spend their SDS funds, as people have the freedom to choose their direct-support providers in the SDS system. Dane County Human Services accesses Medicaid Waiver funding to pay for these community supports.

As illustrated in the Living in the Community diagram, Dane County has a rich network of providers who provide support to people with disabilities. In addition, the County has an accounting and financial infrastructure that enables people to have individual budgets and make individual payments to the service provider of their choice. This is outlined on the Self-Directed Services Flow Chart.