Section 4

Overview for Creating a Plan

Support Brokers work with people and their teams to develop person-centered plans which get reviewed and revised each year. Minimally a person-centered plan should:

  • demonstrate the person had an active role in plan development;
  • include the person’s desired outcomes that identify needed supports and personal goals;
  • indicate how people will ensure progress towards achieving these outcomes, goals and dreams;
  • indicate that a person is safe and protected;
  • indicate the individual’s rights are protected;
  • serve as a road map for how a person spends their individualized rate.

Person-Centered Plans can and should look different for each person based on a person’s support needs, life stage and personal preferences. Brokers may use formal planning tools and processes such as PATH, Essential Lifestyle Planning, or Personal Future Planning. Using the core elements listed above and summarized in the “Narrative Outline,” Brokers may develop other formats that meet the needs of the people they work for.