Table of Contents

Section 1: Philosophy of Self-Directed Services

Section 2: Dane County Developmental Disabilities Service System Overview

Section 3: Becoming a Support Broker

Section 4: Creating a Plan

Section 5: Initial Forms and On-Going Paperwork Obligations (Non-Fiscal)

Section 6: Intermittently Used Procedures, Instructions and Forms

Section 6.1 Clinical Issues

Section 6.2 Fiscal Issues

Section 7: How the Money Flows and What Brokers Need to Know to Keep it That Way

  • Overview of Fiscal Assistance of Dane County
  • Fiscal Assistance Representative Payee Program [PDF]
  • Overview of How the Money Flows in SDS
  • IFP description
  • EER description
  • Voucher descriptions
  • Self-Determined Voucher (for non-DD Dane County recognized providers)
  • Support & Services Agreement/Voucher (for Dane County recognized DD providers)
  • County-Directed Voucher (for anyone under County-Directed SDS)
  • Overview of Consumer Accounts, Budgets, and Payments (budget reports, making changes, reducing problems)
  • Voluntary Rate Reduction Procedure
  • Tips & Suggestions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Fiscal Assistance Report Descriptions and Comparisons Section
  • Consumer Year-to-Date Budget Report
  • Comparison of Year-to-Date Budget Report with IFP & EER
  • Instructions for Completing IFPs

Section 8: Accessing Specialized Services

Section 9: Criteria, Guidelines and Procedures for Accessing Dane County Services

Section 10: High School Transition Planning

Section 11: Quality Assurance / Abuse & Neglect

Section 12: State of Wisconsin MA Waiver Program & Medicaid Benefits